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IncorpDirect Inc. only sells customized minute books. Beware of our competitors who will sell you “incomplete minute books” and you must prepare and customize by-laws, resolutions, registers and share certificates yourself. And at a higher cost!

It is strongly recommended that you purchase a minute book for your company. A company minute book is the ideal solution to keep your corporate documents together. Your minute book includes:

  • Articles, by-laws and a copy of any unanimous shareholder agreements
  • Resolutions and minutes of meetings
  • share register showing the names and addresses of all shareholders and details of shares held
  • Stock certificates

For this reason, and for ease of management, efficiency and security, it is vital that these important corporate documents are kept in a single location, so that it can be easily consulted when the need arises.

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Annual Meeting Resolution
Corporate seal
Additional share certificates (View)
Standard service (3-5 business days)
Rush Service (1-2 business days)
Total $120.00

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Sep 9, 2019

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