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A NUANS® Trade-Mark Search Report a name comparison search tool. It not only finds identical Trade-marks, it also scans the entire database for Trade-marks that are very similar phonetically.

There are 2 types of reports:

4T- Trade-Mark and Company Name Report
The 4T report is for those doing Trade-mark searches prior to filing. The extended coverage report can alert the party seeking to register a mark of potential conflicts with registered corporate names as well as Trade-marks. It covers all federal, provincial and territorial companies and federal Trade-mark registrations and applications. Proposed corporate names are reserved on the NUANS® proposed databases for ninety days, however the trade-marks cited in the trade-mark section of the NUANS® report are for inquiry purposed only. Trade-marks cannot be reserved.

You will receive a report generally containing four pages of Trade-Marks followed by one to two pages of corporate names.

TM - Trade-Mark Search Report
This is the standard Trade-mark search report of the Canadian Trade-mark office to compare new Trade-mark applications to existing Trade-marks for registration evaluation. It covers all federal Trade-mark registrations. Trademarks cannot be reserved. This is for inquiry purposes only.

This report is a 10-30 page report that includes detailed wares and services for each notation.

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