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What is a NUANS® search or NUANS® report?

In order to incorporate a named company (as opposed to a numbered company), a NUANS® name search must first be conducted to check the availability of the desired name.

If the name you have selected is confusingly similar to another company's name or contains words that are not permitted, there is a good possibility that the government will reject your desired name.

A NUANS® report reserves your name for 90 days. It does not make a decision as to whether the name is approved, but is the report that will be used to determine approval.

NUANS® searches can be nationwide (Federal) or specific to a particular province, with the exception of Quebec which has its own database. Please purchase a Quebec name search if you are registering in Quebec.

A Quebec name search is necessary prior to incorporating. The Registraire des Entreprises requires a verification of their database in order to ensure that the exact name or a similar name does not exist. The verification is not a "report" as such but rather more of a yes or no. Also, it is required that your legal name be French and may have an English version, but French is first and foremost.

Reports are completed and emailed to you within 1-2 hours if purchased during business hours.

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