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When you incorporate in Quebec, you form a Quebec company. A minute book is mandatory for all Quebec corporations. If you choose to name your company in Quebec your company name protection is only in Quebec. If you want to protect your name across the country a Federal company with Quebec head office may be better suited to your needs. Government fees are NON-TAXABLE.

SAME-DAY numbered company before 4 p.m., RUSH same day until 5p.m.;

Named company 1-2 business days

NEW Electronic Charter & Articles NOW INCLUDED with every purchase

Please note: Digital Minute books can only be produced for companies with a maximum of 4 directors and/or 4 shareholders. If you have more than 4 you will need to purchase a traditional minute book. Traditional minute books will normally be shipped within 3-5 business days after incorporation.

Current processing times for TPS/TVQ registrations are 3-5 business days.

IncorpDirect Fee$69.00
Quebec Government Fee (tax exempt)
Electronic Charter
Provincial Registration
Express Service 1 hour (Numbered)
Company Name
Minute Book - Traditional (View) -
Minute Book - Digital
Does not include share certificates as they cannot be emailed
5 or more directors and/or shareholders
Corporate seal
Additional share certificates (View)
Small Business Credit Guide (Details)
Tax registration (QST, GST & Corporate Income Tax Account)
Payroll registration (Provincial & Federal)
Import / Export Account
Total $69.00

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Aug 24, 2022
Excellent service, rapide, Isabelle est tres courtoise et precise dans ses demandes d'information.
Nikola Provost
Apr 20, 2022
Facile et efficace
Etienne Laliberte
Apr 7, 2022
Great service
Didier Duque
Oct 22, 2021
Que dire si ce n'est que vous avez un service très efficace, rapide et professionnel.

Oct 20, 2021
WOW ! Excellent service et ultra rapide. Avoir su que c'était aussi simple, j'aurais utiliser les services d'IncorpDirect bien avant. En plus, lorsqu'on appelle, on n'est pas soumis à un système de réponse vocale avec un menu à n'en plus finir. Ce sont des vraies personnes qui répondent immédiatement au téléphone. Un service quasi inexistant de nos jours. Bravo et merci!

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