Shelf Corporations


An aged company or shelf company is a corporation that has been formed but has never been used, hence it is sitting on the shelf. Each shelf company we have for sale has been incorporated and maintained by IncorpDirect Inc. for the specific purpose of being an aged or shelf company. We currently offer shelf corporations incorporated provincially in Ontario, Quebec or federally in Canada. All shelf companies we offer for sale are numbered companies but the name can be easily changed for a small fee.

Our aged shelf companies have the following features:

  • Ease of purchase - we publish our inventory so you can shop at your leisure
  • Federally chartered companies with Quebec or Ontario head office
  • Head office jurisdiction of Federal companies easily changed to suit your needs (fee applicable)
  • No debts or liabilities
  • Fully organized minute books
  • Up-to-date resolutions
  • Are in good standing
  • Have never been in default or revoked
  • Annually filed with government
  • Quebec companies may be transferred to our US clients (certain restrictions apply)

Additionally, our federally chartered companies have been registered to do business in Ontario or Quebec, so you will not have to file this separately. Please note that federally incorporated companies can have their business registration moved to any other province outside of Ontario or Quebec as well. If your place of business is in Canada but outside of Ontario or Quebec, it is preferable to consider purchasing a federally incorporated shelf company.


We offer head office business addresses to expedite the transfer of the corporation.


  • Business History - Establish a history for your company.
  • Business Image - Business image improves as a company ages.
  • Bank Loans - Banks look upon your company favorably if it has a history.
  • Contracts - Bids on contracts often require a company be of a minimum age.
  • Creditworthiness - Business credit and financing becomes easier with age.
  • Faster Launch - Avoid start-up delays if you need to begin business quickly.
  • Obtain Clients - Business age inspires more confidence when approaching clients.
  • Trade lines - It is easier to deal with suppliers when your company is older.
  • Building Credit - A shelf company can be merged with your existing business to facilitate building business credit.


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