Minute Book Description

Minute Book

Digital Minute books will enable you to print your very own personalized minute book from a PDF file. You will be doing the assembly yourself versus the hard copy options below.

The Basic minute book is presented in a black vinyl binder, not pictured here.

The Premium cover is a traditional faux leather grain, 3-ring minute book style binder, with gold detailing (as pictured here, binder only).

The Deluxe cover is the same high quality traditional faux leather grain, 3 ring minute book style binder with gold detailing, however it will include your company name etched on a brass nameplate on the spine of the binder. It also offers a protective slipcase for your minute book binder to further ensure the safekeeping of your minute book documents (as pictured here).

Both Premium and Deluxe options are available in your choice of black or burgundy.
Corporate seal is as pictured.